A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ever wanted to feel like a bug? Here's your chance!

Roll and Jump around gloomy caves and abandoned laboratories in this athmospheric, physics based 3D Platformer.

This game was made over the course of one week for Game Dev Week 2024 based on the prompt "Underground Wonderland"

Use WASD to move, SPACE to jump and SHIFT to switch between Upright mode and Ball mode.

Online Scoreboard:



b.jm021 | Benjamin Meyer

_butterbrot | Sascha Feld

CtrlAltLua | Lua Meyer

Empty_Meshes | Marcus Theobald

NeoRobin | Robin Bröders

Sawyerxd | Tabea Weber

Schlumas | Phillip Weber


WASD - Movement

Space - Jump

Mouse - Camera

Shift - Switch Perspective

R - Reset to last Checkpoint

Escape - Menu

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsb.jm021, zw0ttr0, CtrlAltLua, Schlumas
TagsExploration, Fast-Paced, First-Person, Parkour, Speedrun, Third Person


Pillbug-Parkour v1.1 (macOS) 204 MB
Pillbug-Parkour (Hotfix) 209 MB
Pillbug Parkour GDW state 227 MB
Pillbug-Parkour v1.1 (aka Hotfix Fix) (with Online Scoreboard) 200 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip & run!


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Great Game :) i grinded it a little bit after DoKomi but i cant send my time. Do you have maybe videos of ur sub 2:25 runs? i did a 2:31 and i know there a 2 or 3 sec possible but i dont know, where i could gain 9 sec.

Also the perspective changing in the House before the big launch is a little bit strange the first time in there.

best regards and patient waiting for the next level :)


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